Time Magazine, Goodell Should Be No One’s Person of the Year

Roger GoodellOnce upon a time when Time Magazine was part of an important ┬ápiece of weekly magazine journalism, which included Newsweek, Life, Look, Collier’s and a whole bunch of others that no longer exist, Time’s Man of the Year Award was important.

In 2014, Time Magazine’s people of the year are the doctors and nurses who are treating Ebola patients in Africa. It’s a good choice. But for some reason NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on the list of eight nominees.

Goodell was in the same category as the Ebola responders, Vladimir Putin, the Ferguson protesters, Taylor Swift, Jack Ma, Tim Cook and Masoud Barzani. Time’s reasoning seems to be Goodell’s discipline judgement against Ray Rice. That’s hardly worth putting Goodell on the list.

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