No Jacksonville Super Bowl Without A Better Stadium

The stadium is not good enough.



The Super Bowl is days away and while there are just two teams preparing for the game, the business of National Football League teams never ends. Apparently Shad Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars thinks his stadium will never host another Super Bowl until the building is upgraded to whatever state of the art standards that the NFL deems state of the art. The team’s president Mark Lamping is already putting out the word that the 24 year old building is getting old and “there’s going to have to be a stadium solution.” The stadium has already been renovated but in this day and age, a stadium could be outdated within the first decade of use. Lamping is not ready to tell the world that Khan will move without a new place. But Khan’s Jaguars play an annual game in London and Khan did attempt to buy Wembley Stadium, a place that has hosted a number of NFL games. Khan’s bid was rejected.

What is wrong with the Jacksonville stadium? The stadium’s suites and press box are not up to 2019 standards. The city does not have enough hotel rooms for the Super Bowl. A new stadium is always appreciated and the NFL rewards taxpayers who put up money to help build an owner a new home office. There were rumors that Khan was trying to figure out a way to move half of his Jacksonville home schedule to London had he been able to buy Wembley. Khan has a lease having his football team play in Jacksonville’s municipal stadium through 2030. Khan seems to have something of a commitment to Jacksonville. Khan would like to build an entertainment zone next to the football stadium and build a convention center and hotel in Jacksonville. But Khan is saddled with a problem, an old stadium. A stadium that is 24 years old.