Santa Clara County Supervisor Sees No Spectator Sports In The Silicon Valley Until Thanksgiving

Bay Area sports franchises may not be able to host games for a long while.

There is no question that Donald Trump is ready to enjoy some football and wants others to join in with him and watch National Football League games from packed stadiums starting in September. But Trump cannot make the call when it comes to allowing large crowds to gather in a stadium. Local officials can decide what is right for an area. In Santa Clara County, California people may not be allowed to enter local stadiums and arenas until the American Thanksgiving and that is more than seven months away if Santa Clara County Executive Dr. Geoff Smith has his way. Dr. Smith told the county Board of Supervisors that “I don’t expect that we’ll have any sports games until at least Thanksgiving, and we’ll be lucky to have them by Thanksgiving. This is not going to be something that is easy to do.” Dr. Smith pointed out that Santa Clara County, and California, “appears to be slowing the spread of COVID-19, but life likely won’t return to normal without a substantial increase in testing.”

Santa Clara County is the home to the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, the National Hockey League’s San Jose Sharks, Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes, along with three college programs, Stanford, Santa Clara University and San Jose State. The Sharks’ minor league team and Minor League Baseball’s Giants also call San Jose home. Dr. Smith does not want spectator sports to resume anytime soon in the Silicon Valley region of California. Santa Clara County has a shelter-in-place policy and Dr. Smith warned that easing the shelter-in-place order might cause new COVID-19 infections and the county needs more COVID-19 testing and eventually a vaccine to get back to normal life. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL plans to play in 2020. But Santa Clara officials may say not in our county until Thanksgiving.