Shake and Bake for the first win in two years

Mayfield brings hope to hapless Browns

There were smiles all around Cleveland, Ohio on a crisp September night and what a night for Thursday Night Football. Cheers and hugs were shared with the dedicated fans of the Cleveland Browns as if a tremendous weight had been lifted from their shoulders. It was a touching moment for the ones who were there to witness the history at the FirstEnergy stadium last night. The Browns had success in ending the drought! Two years ago was the last “W” the NFL team had brought home. Since December 24th, of 2016. 635 days to be more direct. Cleveland that win was for you.

What a better way to end the drought than to have their number one draft pick, Baker Mayfield, bring it home with the win. Baker made his debut appearance for the Browns franchise for the first time during the Thursday Night Football Game Versus the New York Jets. Even though he played during the preseason and threw for over 150 yards and proved himself worthy in the red zone, putting him to start and take control of the Browns’ difficult offense seemed like a risky move. The Browns have been burned in the past when it came to starting a Rookie, and with the 635 day drought they had to make smart moves.

First string quarter back, Tyrod Taylor was removed from the game to be analyzed for a concussion due to the lack of offensive power. He was taking hit after hit and limited to less than 100 yards and first downs were a struggle to attain . By half time the Jets held the Browns 14-0 with Baker on the sidelines geared up, helmet on and ready to go. Baker was finally called upon and the cheers and the support from the crowd was electrifying. It was Mayfields time to shine and show this Browns franchise that he was worthy of leading this team to a victory.

After Throwing for over 200 yards and bringing the Browns to a tie game by using the Philly special, that we all witnessed in the super bowl. Baker tied the game by catching a pass for the two point conversion. At that very moment It seemed clear that they have found themselves a franchise quarterback. Baker Mayfield is their guy and is going to turn the Browns luck around, and is considered the most valuable asset to the Cleveland NFL franchise. Congrats to Baker Mayfeild and we’re excited to see what the future holds for him and his Cleveland Browns offensive. If he becomes the starting QB for the Browns it has been earned and well deserved. Cleveland has a new understanding of the Shake N Bake!