Sports Is Not Resuming In North America Anytime Soon

The NFL does not yet have a Plan B.

Donald Trump is hoping that people will be able to attend sporting events in August and September and will fill the stands to watch the National Football League. California Governor Gavin Newsom does not think that would be a good idea in Inglewood where the Rams and Chargers play or in Santa Clara where 49ers home games take place. Visually to have filled stadiums would signal that the United States and the world have gotten past the coronavirus. Some sports entities including golf have pushed major championships into the second half of the 2020 calendar year. Tennis’ French Open will take place in September if possible. Wimbledon has been cancelled and one of the stadiums at the United States Open tennis center complex in New York City is being used to for a 350-bed hospital.  Japan’s baseball league could not make the targeted April 24 opening day because of the coronavirus and Japan’s soccer J-league which began the season then hit the pause button is unlikely to resume play on May 9. There has been a bump in the number of coronavirus cases in Tokyo.

There have been stories about the NBA doing something to finish the season and holding the playoffs in Las Vegas. Major League Baseball is, according to reports, trying to figure out how to start the 2020 season in a sterile atmosphere perhaps in Arizona. Major League Soccer is shut. The National Hockey League told its players to self-quarantine and some players did get the coronavirus. The league may not be able to start up because finding open rinks for the players to get ready by skating will be a major problem. The league cannot operate in Calgary and probably Toronto until July 1 at the earliest.  College and minor league sports have shut down. Pandemic experts and scientists, not politicians, will make sports decisions.

President Donald Trump poses for photos with members of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Women’s Hockey Team AP-PHOTO