Who Should The Buccaneers Look At To Backup Winston?

With Mike Glennon Now In Chicago, The Bucs Need A New Second-String Quarterback

Mike Glennon signed a 3 year, $45,000,000 contract with the Chicago Bears on March 9, meaning it’s time for the Buccaneers to look for a new backup quarterback.

The Bucs have yet to sign a free agent to replace Glennon, the backup to Jameis Winston since Winston was drafted in 2015.  It is doubtful the Bucs will promote last year’s third string quarterback Ryan Griffen to second string.  There are still viable options for the Bucs to sign to sit behind Winston.

Below are the top three free agent quarterbacks the Bucs should consider signing.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Who better to not only backup, but coach Winston, than a quarterback who went to Harvard and has been in the NFL since 2005?

Fitzpatrick is a veteran who can help Winston, who is entering his third year in the league, study the game more and make better pre-snap adjustments.  Even though he started games for the Jets last season, he knows his days as a starting quarterback in this league are coming to an end.  Sitting behind Winston and being a mentor would be the perfect role for Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has played for six teams in his career, throwing for over 25,000 yards.  He is a smart quarterback who can not only help Winston on the field, but off the field in the film room, studying the game.

Chase Daniel

Photo: Bill Greenblatt/UPI

Okay, so Daniel doesn’t have nearly the experience that Fitzpatrick would bring, but he has been in the league for seven years.  He went undrafted and was signed by the Washington Redskins.  After getting waived on the final rounds of cuts, he was signed by the New Orleans Saints.

Daniel was the backup to Drew Brees during some of his time in New Orleans and even got a ring when the Saints won the Super Bowl in the 2009-2010 season.  A quarterback can learn a lot when spending time behind a great player like Brees.

After his time in New Orleans came to an end, Daniel signed with Kansas City to backup Alex Smith.  He spent three years in Kansas City, before signing with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016.  He was the backup to rookie Carson Wentz throughout the season.

Daniel has played behind veteran quarterbacks like Brees and Smith as well as played for great coaches like Sean Payton and Andy Ried.  He has accumulated knowledge in his years as a backup and can be someone to pass knowledge onto Winston.

Josh McCown

Photo: Chris O’Meara/Associated Press

Everyone in Tampa wants to forget about the 1-10 record the Bucs got in the 2014 season in which McCown started.  Then again, if the Bucs didn’t go 2-14 that year, they wouldn’t have had the number one overall pick in the 2015 draft, drafting Winston.

McCown, who has been in the league since 2002, can finish his career as the backup to Winston.  If Winston should go down with any injury, McCown can step right in and manage the game well for the Bucs.  McCown can right the wrong he did to the Bucs in 2014, throwing 11 touchdowns to his 14 interceptions and help Winston grow as a quarterback.

Wildcard Options for the Bucs

Photo: Don Wright/AP Photo

Robert Griffen III is injury prone but did have a great rookie season.  He no longer has the leverage to ask for a lot of money.  If his heart is still in the game, he could be a quarterback the Bucs can look at.

Jay Culter is another quarterback who doesn’t appear to love playing football anymore, but he does have a powerful arm and years of experience.  There aren’t any teams who are going to pay him anywhere near what he was making in Chicago, but if he wants to remain in the league, it would most likely be as a backup.

Colin Kaepernick is viewed by many as a distraction.  Would he be okay going from being signed to a huge deal just a few years ago, to a small deal as a backup?  Time will tell.

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