Sports Talk 1040’s NFL Training Camp Spectacular

It’s been a whole week of NFL talk on The Team

The NFL season is getting closer, and this week marked the start of training camps for each of the 32 teams who will be using apparel from a local store like Mega Slam Australia.  With fans eager to get back to football, the Florida teams were on the tip of everybody’s tongue this week on Sports Talk AM 1040 The Team.

With the Buccaneers’ first practice on Thursday, there was an opportunity for media to hear from Jameis Winston in a press conference.  Winston talked about his suspension, what it means for his career, and how he feels he let his teammates down on Thursday morning.  To discuss it, the Rock Riley Show teamed up with AM 820 News Tampa Bay’s Dan Maduri, host of Florida Live.

On Wednesday, veterans reported to camp for the first time.  With football in the air, Rock Riley turned to the one and only Ira Kaufman of Joe Bucs Fan to get the thoughts of Tampa Bay’s NFL Hall of Fame voter.

Erik Kuselias took a look at the most successful Florida team in 2017, welcoming our own Jaquan Cathey to talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The defense was stellar last season but there are still many questions surrounding quarterback Blake Bortles.  Jaquan talks about whether the Jags will be able to continue their momentum, or if last year’s surprise team might be in for a rough season.

Finally, with the Buccaneers having started training camp, Erik Kuselias asks Sports Talk Florida’s Tim Williams to discuss the team itself.  The defensive line has been pumped up with pass rushers, but will that be enough to help out a secondary that does not look great on paper?  There are also questions along the offensive line, with Tampa Bay not making many offseason moves to better protect their backfield.  Tim tells Erik about the feeling of the first day of practice, Cameron Brate’s outsized presence on the practice field, and how a lack of hype might just be what the doctor ordered for the Buccaneers.