The NFL Has Been Lucky During The Pandemic

A couple games postponed but all in all things are good.  

The National Football League got through week six intact. Games were played despite some people connected to various teams testing positive for COVID-19. Now it is onto week seven with Thursday Night Football. The New York Giants squad is busing down the New Jersey Turnpike to take on Philadelphia with some customers in the stands in the Philadelphia stadium. The Giants and the New York Jets will not have fans in the stands during the 2020 NFL season because of COVID-19. When the 2020 season will end and the playoffs begin is a big question mark. Last week, the NFL ditched the January 31st Pro Bowl Game in Las Vegas which will allow the NFL to stay on schedule for a February 7th Tampa, Florida Super Bowl should games be postponed and have to be rescheduled in an 18th week of the season. The NFL goes 17 weeks. The season is supposed to end on January 3rd with the playoffs starting on January 9th.

The NFL is walking a tightrope. Wisconsin is a COVID-19 problem, Florida is open and COVID-19 cases are soaring. The Tennessee Titans franchise has been hit with the virus with the state of Tennessee trending the wrong way. The NFL also has teams in states with skyrocketing rates of COVID-19 including Colorado, Indiana and Minnesota. The NFL has been impacted by COVID-19 and has juggled a portion of its schedule. But the NFL has been lucky as it has been able to get virtually all of its games in. The NFL has seen individual teams shut down facilities with the New England Patriots franchise experiencing COVID-19 illnesses as well as people connected to the Atlanta and Jacksonville franchises. Medical experts are warning that a second wave or a third wave is coming. The NFL has added a week to play games if that happened.