The NFL Has Labor Peace Which Means It Is Full Speed Ahead To Find Money

The coronavirus has not stopped NFL business.  

The National Football League may not hold its annual draft in Las Vegas in April because of the coronavirus but the league has won its biggest battle of the year by getting the players to accept a 10-year collective bargaining agreement. There will be labor peace until 2030. The new agreement does not start until 2021 but the NFL will provide fans with a 17 game season, which means 16 extra games along with expanded playoffs with two more teams in and that will create additional playoff games which means the league thinks it will eventually get more TV and marketing partner money. Some of the extra dollars will be passed onto the players and NFL rosters will expand to 47 which creates 64 new jobs and eventually 14 practice squad players with 128 new positions. The NFL is getting rid of one pre-season game and each team will play three warm up games. The players did not want a 17th game because of additional health risks but accepted the deal.

The NFL can now go into television and streaming video negotiations with present partners or others who might want a chance at being an NFL carrier with labor certainty. The league can perhaps begin to globalize beyond some games in London, England and Mexico City, Mexico again with labor certainty. It appears the NFL will continue with 32 franchises and there has not been any call for expanding. That doesn’t mean the NFL doesn’t have any trouble spots. The coronavirus outbreak has taken up a lot of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s time and may put the upcoming Buffalo stadium situation on the back burner. Jacksonville owner Shad Khan is upping his allotment of Jaguars London home games to two. There could be stadium issues in Cincinnati and Cleveland. But there is a labor agreement.