The NFL Is Heading Down The Home Stretch To Super Bowl Sunday In Excellent Shape

The league is in excellent financial health.


The National Football League on the field season is winding down. The Super Bowl is just weeks away. But the business of the NFL never winds down and it appears the league, despite all of the critics seeing an alleged erosion of the NFL’s popularity, will go into the non-playing portion of the year in great shape. TV ratings rebounded in 2018. Legalized sports gambling more than likely played a role in that. The 31 NFL owners along with the Green Bay Packers board of directors have embraced legalized sports gambling, which is no surprise because they formed partnerships with sports fantasy companies, which in itself is a form of gambling, before the Supreme Court of the United States gave the go ahead to states to set up sports gambling mechanisms. The NFL now has an official casino partner. Sports gambling has become a revenue source.

Not all of the leading indicators were good for the NFL in 2018 however. Daniel Snyder’s Washington franchise which is based in Landover, Maryland east of the District had a major drop of attendance by 19 percent. If Snyder had a good team, there probably would not be much of an issue. Tampa Bay also saw a major decline by nine percent. A good team in Tampa would probably have wiped out the fall off. The NFL had a better season in Los Angeles with two winning teams. The NFL seems to have regained the nothing can harm us edge. But warning signs are still out there. Players are still getting arrested and people have forgotten about the seriousness of the concussion issue. The national anthem protests seem to have faded although head and brain injuries are permanent. But the public has flocked back to watching football on television. So all is well with the National Football League’s public face, the Commissioner Roger Goodell and his owners.