The Pro Bowl: The Game That Allegedly No One Cares About

The game must make money.


It’s Pro Bowl Sunday, featuring the game that seemingly nobody cares about, yet the Pro Bowl manages to get good 2019 TV ratings and cities want the show. Orlando went after the game that had been anchored in Hawaii for years by promising the National Football League money, which got the NFL’s attention. The NFL has always preferred cash on the barrelhead as part of any agreement. Orlando area officials got the word from Florida Citrus Sports that it would be worth getting the 2017, 2018 and 2019 events because the game would bring in about $25 million in economic impact annually in each of the three years Orlando hosted the Pro Bowl. But more importantly, the games were worth $271 million in publicity. Orlando is one the top American tourist destinations because of the theme parks in the area. Football is not bringing international tourists to Orlando.

For all the economic impact that football games bring to Orlando, Florida Citrus Sports wanted volunteers to help keep down the cost of hosting the two recent college bowl games. Florida Citrus Sports needed 90 volunteers to help with tickets and hospitality and told the volunteers that the bowls were massive and nationally known so it was a real cool opportunity to be part of. Florida Citrus Sports gave the volunteers some bowl game apparel promised the networking opportunities along with community service hours. Volunteers are also needed for the Pro Bowl. Sports organizations seem to want a lot of money for the product but don’t necessarily want to pay people who help make the event work. The NFL has not decided what to do with the game after 2019. The league may return to Orlando or might take it to Mexico or Germany eventually. It will come down to what area wants to give the NFL the most money.

Pro Bowl will be played today in Orlando AP-PHOTO