Video: Martellus Bennett Slams Teammate In Fight

This video of Bears tight end Martellus Bennett comes from John Breech of It shows Bennett slamming rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller after he tries to strip the ball from Bennett.

According to, Bennett says he comes to practice in preparation to “win a championship” and that is his style of play. According to Bennett, he’s not planning on changing his playing style.

I understand the passion there, but a) its training camp and b) in a real game, you’d want your cornerback to make that play. Just because you got manhandled, that doesn’t warrant a full on body slam. And hey, he’s a rookie. That’s a heads up play from a rookie. Don’t slam him to the ground. Really?

Welcome to football. You’re a veteran. You should know football is rough and tough. . . in the sense that you’re going to get knocked around after making a catch.