Washington, D.C. Mayor Wants The NFL In Town

Daniel Snyder is looking for a new stadium.

It is hard to believe that any politician of any party would want to partner with the owner of the National Football League’s Washington Commanders, Daniel Snyder, but the mayor of Washington, D. C. is at least open to building a football venue and seeing Snyder’s team move a number of miles west from its present Landover, Maryland facility to the site where the team’s former home was located. D.C. or RFK Stadium will be torn down and D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser would like the team back playing on that parcel of land. The NFL Washington team played in the stadium from 1961 through 1996. Snyder wants a new football facility to house his business sometime in the next five years. But Snyder may not be running that business too much longer as he is looking to sell the franchise after numerous allegations of inappropriate behavior and improper business tactics were lodged against him. The NFL has not done much to punish Snyder but Snyder seemingly is trying to sell his business.

According to a story in the Washington Post, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told Bowser in December that the league was behind her effort to obtain the stadium land to use from its owner, the federal government. The NFL issued a statement which read. “The league and Mayor Bowser agree that Washington, D.C., should be at the table when a new site is considered. We will continue to work with the mayor’s office, the Commanders, and Congress to that end, just like we are in contact with local officials in Maryland and Virginia as they review site and stadium options.” Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin would like to see the Commanders franchise in his state. Maryland has a new governor and could make a bid. But Snyder remains a problem until he is out of the NFL.

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FILE – Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)