Heavy Hitters In NHL Arena Building In NY, Seattle

It is becoming apparent that New York Islanders ownership is uninterested in staying in Brooklyn for the long term



NHL Commissioner said last week on WFAN radio’s Mike Francesa that Islanders owner Scott Malkin did not buy the New York Islanders to move them somewhere else.” So moving out of the New York area is off the table. Bettman added going back to the Nassau Coliseum, the Islanders home between 1972 and 2015 is not a long term option. The Islanders need a hockey building and have lined up some impressive New York support from Madison Square Garden owner James Dolan and Mets owner Fred Wilpon who could both be partners in the Islanders new building.

Meanwhile in Seattle, the city is looking at two proposals to renovated the Seattle Coliseum. The NBA SuperSonics left Seattle in 2008 after two ownership groups failed to get a new arena with revenue enhancers. One group wanting the renovation job is the group behind the Islanders arena wanderlust. The other is AEG which is aligned with the Brooklyn arena that the Islanders ownership is looking to leave.

Seattle in many ways is a perfect NBA and NHL market. The television market is good and there are multinational and national headquarters located in the Seattle metropolitan area. The main drawback has been a lack of series governmental support to build an arena. Clayton Bennett and the city negotiated a deal that allowed Bennett’s Seattle SuperSonics to move to Oklahoma City in 2008 after a new arena could not be secured. A California investor had hoped to privately finance an arena and bring an NBA team, the Sacramento Kings to town, but that fell through in 2013. Since then, some people have talked about arenas being built outside of Seattle proper but nothing happened.


Seattle is the type of market the NBA and NHL would want except for the arena problem