Governor Cuomo Please Call John Taveras

The Governor needs to coddle the Islanders star and say you are going to Belmont and a new arena in a few years.


Dear Andrew Cuomo, Governor of the State Of New York. Can you find a few minutes in your busy schedule to assure New York Islanders employee John Taveras that his bosses are going to win the right to develop some state land at the Belmont Park Racetrack on the New York City, Nassau County border for an arena? It seems that Taveras is waiting for your decision or whomever makes decisions at the state level to give his employees a right to develop the land. Oh by the way, make that decision as fast as you can so the state can get a piece of Taveras’s next contract which will be more than $10 million annually over a period of eight years.


Taveras, who is said to be a loyal guy, is weighing his options which is his right. But if John Taveras wants to go elsewhere and earn his money, the Islanders should move him out right now. It seems kind of strange that a player should be concerned with what should be the owners business. By the way Governor Cuomo, Taveras work place at the Brooklyn arena is costing how much money in New York City and State tax subsidies? There is a squabble between the building owner and the team over the lease at the Brooklyn building. The two sides are supposed to be negotiating a new deal starting in January which, of course weighs into the Tavares thoughts, but there is a major party missing from the table. New York City and State taxpayers. Without the subsidies and the use of eminent domain to seize land needed for the project, there would be no arena in Brooklyn. The grandiose plans of Bruce Ratner were scaled back and the arena is imperfect for anything but basketball and concerts. Taveras is playing the waiting game, although a call to Cuomo might help out his situation

It would not be surprising if the Toronto Maple Leafs are courting Tavares by using professional journalists who sent messages to Tavares through writing and other media.