Will The Oak View Group Bring NHL and NBA Games To Milan By The 2026 Olympics?

The Oak View Group is going global.

The Oak View Group is one of the big winners in Italy’s successful bid in landing the 2026 Winter Olympics. The Oak View Group will build an arena in Milan that could host Olympics events include ice hockey. The Oak View Group has become a major player in the arena business as it is renovating the Seattle Center Arena which allowed Seattle to land a National Hockey League expansion franchise for the 2021-2022 season. It will be involved in the planned New York Islanders Belmont Park arena that Islanders ownership would like to see opened by 2021. The business is also is part of the new University of Texas in Austin arena construction. The Oak View Group seemingly came out of nowhere to become a major arena player but the business is run by people who know their way around the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association.

The Oak View Group staked out an interesting position in landing an NHL expansion team in Seattle. It got a deal with the Boston Bruins’ owner Jeremy Jacobs’ company to provide concessions at the Seattle rebuilt arena. Oak View Group also ended up with various partnerships with other NHL owners. The Oak View Group has a concert venue deal with the New York Rangers’ parent company, Madison Square Garden. The Oak View Group also has a deal with New York Islanders ownership. Oak View Group entered into a partnership in a ticket business with the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers joint business. The Oak View Group also nailed the three necessities for the Seattle NHL expansion team. In Seattle, there is government support. Seattle is the 14th biggest TV market in the United States and there is corporate support. The Oak View Group may also deliver more globalization. It will have a Milan hockey and basketball building.