Video: Jon Cooper ‘Interviews’ Steven Stamkos

The Tampa Bay Lightning aren’t doing so hot in the playoffs. They’ve lost three straight to the Montreal Canadiens.

To lighten the mood, head coach Jon Cooper jumped into a media scrum surrounding captain Steven Stamkos today after the Lightning’s morning skate and started firing away questions.

Translated the tweet reads “Jon Cooper becomes a journalist with a water bottle to talk to Steven Stamkos. Sweet! # RDS”

Stamkos was facing a bunch of questions. Anything from coming back from the 3-0 deficit to the Canadiens, to his health after taking a knee to the head during Game 3. He’s planning on playing in Game 4, by the way.

Then Cooper lightened the mood, using a water bottle as a microphone. Stamkos played right a long telling the “rookie reporter” he had a little more ice time.

In a must-win situation, the last thing you need is for your team to get tight. Cooper found a nice way to provide comedic relief.