Did The Movers And Shakers Behind the 2026 World Cup Bid Read The Fine Print?

The devil in the details.



The 2026 World Cup is coming to North America. United 2026 gave into FIFA’s demands. All the North American stadiums that will host the matches must have grass fields. Then there is the cost of security which will fall in the lap of taxpayers in the United States, Canada and Mexico and securing the event is going to cost a fortune of money and the true cost may never be revealed. Then there are those tax breaks that FIFA demanded which caused Vancouver, Chicago and Minneapolis to tell United 2026, thanks but no thanks. Why the need for the tax breaks? FIFA sums up the group’s position nicely. It is a privilege to have us bring our event to your city.

The FIFA World Cup is a major sporting event that attracts global attention to the Host Country/Countries and provides the opportunity for significant financial investment in sporting and public infrastructure. Such global attention and investment may contribute to significant mid-and long-term socioeconomic benefits for the Host Country/Countries, as well as economic growth. As such, the FIFA World Cup represents an event of national importance and public interest, which justifies the granting of a tax exemption in connection with the Competition. Security operations, to be paid by host governments, will extend from stadiums to team training facilities, official hotels, media centers, the FIFA Fan Site, airports, train stations and bus stations. Host governments will also assume liability for safety and security incidents.  FIFA will get “unrestricted import and export of all foreign currencies to and from the host country/countries by means of bank transfer, as well as the unrestricted exchange and conversion of all foreign currencies into local currency, is unrestricted, not subject to any taxes in the host country.” Its FIFA’s ball and if you want to play, you pay to play.




The 2026 World Cup is coming to the U. S., Canada and Mexico.