FIFA’s 11 Billion Reasons To Select United 2026

All about money.



In seven days, the governing body of world football or soccer, FIFA, will be handing out the 2026 World Cup to some area following a vote by FIFA delegates in Moscow, Russia. FIFA has already been guaranteed an $11 billion profit by the backers of United 2026, a coalition of three countries, the United States, Canada and Mexico. But before FIFA can start counting that $11 billion worth of promises, the group has to go through the motions and come up with some sort of analysis of the two bids for the 2026 event. There is the United 2026 bid and one from Morocco. One that is not guaranteeing an $11 billion profit. FIFA’s evaluation committee kicked the tires one last time and has advanced both bids to the group’s Congress. To no one’s surprise, the United bid came up all aces while the Morocco bid was deemed acceptable enough for the delegates to check out.

The United 2026 bid, with the promise of an $11 billion profit for FIFA, scored a four out of five. The Moroccan bid could only muster a 2.7 out of five. Barely good enough but it was enough to get to the floor in the Moscow meeting. The FIFA inspectors identified three significant problems in the Moroccan bid. Stadiums, accommodation and transport. The United States, Canada and Mexico had no high-risk problem areas.  FIFA also wants some unusual perks like not being taxed for 10 years, being able to move around unlimited amounts of money, a relaxation of labor laws and having local municipalities or governments pay for all security needs for the event. Some cities in the United 2026 bid politely told organizers that didn’t want the matches because of those demands. That list included Vancouver, Chicago and Minneapolis. FIFA is ignoring the Trump factor which might impact delegates’ decisions. An $11 billion profit is tough to pass up.



There is a Trump favtor in the voting.