FIFA Is Not Looking For 2030 World Cup Bidders Yet

But money is the object.

The governing body of international soccer, FIFA, now has a timetable that will ultimately lead to awarding the 2030 Men’s World Cup to some country willing to build facilities and stuff money into the group. FIFA will start the bidding process in 2022 and will announce the host country or countries in 2024. FIFA is hoping that more than two bids will be served up. The group received just two proposals for the 2026 event, a three-way bid from the United States, Canada and Mexico and a standalone bid from Morocco. The American, Canadian, Mexican bid was accepted and the 2026 World Cup will be played in cities across North America. By awarding the 2030 event in 2024, the winning bidder will have one less year than the normal seven years to deliver what it promised to FIFA.

There is emerging interest in the 2030 World Cup although the FIFA boss Gianni Infantino has his eyes set on China. FIFA just awarded the women’s 2021 Club World Cup to China. Because of some rules that were established by FIFA and rules that only FIFA members could explain, China might not be able to host the 2030 event. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup and there is some archaic rule that prohibits a continent from bidding on hosting the following two World Cups. Qatar and China are in Asia and if the FIFA rules mean anything, China won’t be eligible to get a World Cup until 2034. But there is a pot of gold to be made in China and FIFA has never been an organization that ever walked away from money. Four South American countries, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile will present a joint bid from the 2030 tournament. Britain and Ireland may have a joint bid. Spain and Portugal may also combine forces. Money win decide this race.