Major League Soccer Wants More Teams

Tampa area soccer investors would like to join Major League Soccer





Major League Soccer with the addition of a franchise in the Twin-Cities of Minnesota, now has 22 teams. In 2018, Los Angeles will join the league and possibly Miami although the story of the Miami franchise is not complete. The team needs still needs a stadium. The soccer business has been expanding into cities for years and years anticipating a major growth in the number of people becoming interested in soccer and hoping for the day when teams actually make money.


Business and political leaders in Nashville have indicated a strong interest in getting a team. Former Nashville Mayor and Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen who helped cut deals to bring the NFL and NHL to Nashville is among the business leaders who plan to lobby the MLS for a team.  There is a group that has formed in Detroit that wants a franchise. Sacramento, San Antonio,  Cincinnati are also rumored to be interested in joining the MLS. Major League Soccer has come a long way since the shaking beginnings after the United States-hosted 1994 World Cup and the start of a new league. The MLS is not the only group playing soccer in the United States and Canada, the lower level leagues include the United Soccer League. The MLS is just like every other major sports league in the US and Canada as the league gets some big money from TV, depends on local governments to assist in the building of stadiums, and it appears the New York Yankees ownership which includes an MLS team playing in Yankee Stadium is planning to ask for some government money in an attempt to build a soccer stadium somewhere in New York City. So the MLS is like any other league depending on government, TV and corporate support. That’s the formula to succeed in sports.

David Beckham still lacks a Miami stadium for the MLS’s 24 team, his expansion team has been on hold for years but the league hopes Miami will operate in 2019.