Waiting For Beckham

Where is the Miami MLS team?



In a perfect world, David Beckham’s Miami Major League Soccer franchise would be playing in a brand new stadium. But nothing is ever perfect and the MLS is still looking at David Beckham and asking where is your stadium? On February 5, 2014, the league gave Beckham a discounted rate to buy an expansion team and place the franchise in Miami. The league is still waiting for some sign of life more than four years later from Beckham’s soccer team. Beckham added new business partners in mid-December 2017 but the stadium is still in limbo although the MLS thinks Beckham will eventually have a soccer stadium opened but it appears that it will not happen before 2021 at the earliest. Officially Beckham still does not have an MLS team although he has owners and a team name and possibly a stadium.

The latest snag is that Beckham’s new partners didn’t care much for the Overton location for a stadium.  Overton is not out of the picture but there is tire kicking going on elsewhere within Miami and a city owned golf course property may be the apple of the Beckham group’s eye. There was a hope that Beckham’s group could get a question before voters in August about taking over the property. That may not happen and a vote could be pushed back to November. The Beckham’s group’s initiative has to be placed on the ballot by June 8 to get before voters in August.  It has been a struggle for Beckham and his advisers to land a stadium with a planned seaport stadium blocked by various interests. Beckham and his group were steered to land near the Miami Marlins baseball park but securing the land needed for the project is became a problem and Beckham abandoned the plan.  Beckham eventually decided on Overton but it appears he has been overruled. Beckham’s group wants Miami but there is a bigger question. Does Miami want them?

David and Victoria Beckham

Beckham was at the royal wedding but he still does not have a Miami MLS team on the pitch.