Beckham Is Still Looking For Approval For A Miami MLS Stadium

Beckham Is hoping.

Major League Soccer’s desire to have David Beckham as the owner of its Miami franchise has not gone according to plan. There is another hurdle. The Miami City Commission wants Beckham’s signature on a contract clearing the way for his team to play on a city owned golf course by October 24th so the commission can consider whether they want Beckham’s business. Beckham needs four commissioners to say yes for his stadium-village plan to go ahead.  Beckham’s group wants to take the 131 available acres in the area and build a stadium along with facilities for 750 hotel rooms, 400,000 square feet of offices and 600,000 square feet of retail. There would be 3,750 parking spaces. Beckham and his group would like to start playing in the new stadium in 2022. In the interim, Beckham’s team will play in a temporary facility in Fort Lauderdale at the site of the demolished Lockhart Stadium. The Fort Lauderdale site will eventually be the home to a lower tier soccer team in the United Soccer League and host a training academy.

More than five years ago David Beckham got the go ahead from Major League Soccer to put together a team somewhere in the Miami area. He failed getting a facility and keeping business partners. Beckham added new business partners in December 2017. The new partners didn’t care much for an Overton location and the city owned golf course property became the apple of the Beckham group’s eye. It has been a struggle for David Beckham and his partners to land a stadium with a planned seaport stadium blocked by various interests. Beckham was steered to land near the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball park but securing the land needed for the project became a problem. Beckham abandoned that plan and opted for Overton. The golf course property is his last Miami option.