The Pride drops the season opener to Portland 2-0

Orlando- The National Soccer Women League began again yesterday as the Orlando Pride faced the powerful Portland Thorns at home. Portland won the season debut 2-0 showing the power of this team that last season was one game short of a title.

Meanwhile, the Pride struggled in the first half to keep position and the Thorns took advantage of getting ahead seconds before the whistle blew for the half. A perfect set up by midfielder Tobin Heath converted from a Pride turnover, forward Caitlin Foord placed the ball straight past the glove of Pride Goalie Ashlyn Harris. Harris was kept on her toes in the 93-minute match-up with the 22 attempts made by Portland with 6 crucial saves.

“At half time we got our a*** chewed out…and it just has to be better.” Stated Ashlyn. “We were brave enough today. In soccer you have to be brave on the ball or these things happen. We will unpack this and we will be better and we have two days to turn around and play again in North Carolina. Its about how we respond at this point. 

Head Coach Marc Skinner stated during the press conference, “What did they really have to do in the first half. I don’t think that Portland had to really to earn it, they didn’t do anything to earn their victory. I think we gave them the victory today and that is the disappointing part that I am going to fix very quickly.” Skinner kept helpful and argued that he was learning very quickly where the ladies need to more educated and referred to the stadium as their “Fortress in the future” 

Marc Skinner was announced as the second ever head coach of the Pride on January 14th, 2019 and tonight he didn’t care for stats he was more interested In learning on what he needed to educate his new team on. The Pride had two Rookies starting for the season opener due to the pair of Australians that were out due to a virus. Starter Alanna Kennedy and Emily Van Egmond went down with a virus just days before the first match. “That was a bit of a kick in the teeth before we started.” stated head coach for the pride.


PRIDE: On the road to face the national champions in North Carolina.

THORNS: Continue their six game road trip with a Match-up against the Chicago Red Stars.