Sunday, October 24, 2021

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XFL III Faces A Long Road Ahead 

History suggests the XFL III will fail. The Rock, the one-time college football player turned wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson, now owns the XFL along...

No News On Bills And Sabres Ownership Facility Plans

The research continues. The National Football League season is at the quarter pole and the National Hockey League is closing in on the 2019-2020 season....

Buffalo Bills New Stadium Talks With New York State On Hold

They are staking out positions. Carl Heastie says it is too early to talk about building a new Buffalo Bills stadium. Who is...

The Major League All Star Game Is Just A Gimmick

An exhibition. The Major League Baseball All Star Game started off as a gimmick and remains a gimmick 86 years after the first game was...

Goodell Thinks The Bills Franchise Needs A New Stadium

Goodell wants a new Bills venue. One of the jobs that a Commissioner of the National Football League or any league for that...

Another Spring Professional Football League Fails

It takes a lot of money just to get a football league off the ground.   When the final analysis of the demise of the Alliance of...

AAF Starts With High Hopes But Long Odds On Its Survival

Alphabet football  leagues are popping up.   There is a new football league trying to establish itself and its odds of succeeding are not very good....

The Canadian Football League Is Still Around

It is somewhat astonishing that the Canadian Football League is still in existence and has outlasted three American Football Leagues, the All American Football Conference and a whole bunch of other leagues including the United States Football League and the XFL.

Baseball’s All-Star Game Is Just A Show

Baseball's All Star Game is little more than an exhibition. The Major League Baseball All Star Game started off as a gimmick and remains a...