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Sports Events Are Being Pitch To Help Economic Recovery

A sports event as an economic generator? It was only a matter of time before a sports planner would push the idea of spending hundreds...

Ross Not Getting Relevant Events At His Dolphins Stadium

There is a COVID-19 testing center on the grounds. The National Football League’s Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was praised for putting on a...

Calgary: Is It A Global Sports Event City?

Show everyone the money. Americans don’t know much about the Commonwealth Games, after all America doesn’t send a team to compete in an event that...

Thanksgiving: An American Football Holiday

The holiday pigskin feast. In America, Thanksgiving and football go hand and hand with many high school rivals ending their seasons by playing each...
Tampa Bay Rays Acquire Slegers

Is The Fourth Of July Still Baseball And Apple Pie And...

Teams are off on the holiday. It's America's 243th birthday and there is a big question about America’s Pastime. Why has in baseball...

The Belmont Stakes: A Visit To A Time That Has Passed

Throwback Saturday. The Belmont Stakes, which started in 1867 in the Bronx, New York, will be run in Elmont, New York on the...

The NBA Finally Goes International In A Meaningful Championship Series

And so the international experiment finally produces. The National Basketball Association is going international in the championship final. In Canada, Toronto will host...

Presidential Impact On Society Through Sports

There is a sports impact.   It is President’s Day. The chief executive of the United States has an impact on just about every facet of...

AAF Starts With High Hopes But Long Odds On Its Survival

Alphabet football  leagues are popping up.   There is a new football league trying to establish itself and its odds of succeeding are not very good....

La Liga Players Don’t Want To Play In America

While Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League continue to export their North American product globally, there is one sports group that does not want to step foot in America.