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Will The World Cup Winning Women’s National Soccer Team Just Fade...

Will they still love us tomorrow? Inevitably, the cheering, the celebrations and the parades end for a championship team, all championship teams and for the...

Chris Hansen Forges Ahead In His Attempt To Bring The NBA...

If at first you don't succeed Mr. Hansen.... You have to admire Chris Hansen’s dedication to his goal. Building a Seattle arena and...

The Kentucky Derby Is Still A Top Of The Line Event

A place to be seen. There is a major horse race taking place in Louisville. The Kentucky Derby. Four years ago, there was...
Tampa Bay Lightning

Sports And Weed Day

How do the leagues and players proceed? April 20th, for some reason, is a significant day to marijuana users. It is "Weed Day"....

The NBA Is Considering Fixing What Ain’t Broke

Because the NBA Popularity Is "Not" Growing. There is an old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. From all indicators, the...

March Madness Is Here In Statehouses Around The Country

Betting time.   It is March and in the American sports world, it means the college basketball tournament is approaching and that should mean betting and...

NASCAR And Sports Gambling Money: Perfect Together

There is money to be made.   NASCAR is putting the finishing touches on its first big event of the 2019 season, the Daytona 500, and...

Jim Crow, Boycotts, DC Deals Part Of Super Bowl History

Jim Crow and the Super Bowl   The Super Bowl is an American celebration, a slice of Americana, where a football game becomes the focal point...

The NBA Is Evaluating Mexico City This Week

The National Basketball Association’s two game Mexico sample is on tap and the league continues to figure out what sort of future it has in Mexico City and in Mexico. Could the NBA eventually set up shop and place an expansion or relocation franchise in the Mexican capital? 

NFL Hall Of Famers Have Learned Nothing In 44 Years

The Pro Football Hall of Famers’ letter asking NFL owners to give Hall of Famers money, something to the tune of $300,000 annually and health benefits is revisiting the playbook of the 1980s, issued by the same people, that led to NFL players of that era being stranded without a long term health care plan in place.