Friday, September 17, 2021

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No International Travelers At Tokyo Olympics Means Money Problems

The Games must go on! Attention Americans who were planning to go to Japan this summer to catch some action at the Tokyo Olympics. Japan...

In Sports Playing Means Money Trumps The Risk Of COVID-19

Risk vs. Reward As Americans celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, it appears the spread of COVID-19 has not receded. If anything, according to the...

NBA Players Have A Right To Express An Opinion On Police...

The players are talking. If and when the National Basketball Association gets its product back on the court, and some answers about that could come...

Sports Events Are Being Pitch To Help Economic Recovery

A sports event as an economic generator? It was only a matter of time before a sports planner would push the idea of spending hundreds...

Does The US-Canadian Sealed Border Rule Apply To The NHL?

A two minute penalty or a major? Is hockey an essential business during a pandemic? The National Hockey League probably got a setback earlier this...

Calgary: Is It A Global Sports Event City?

Show everyone the money. Americans don’t know much about the Commonwealth Games, after all America doesn’t send a team to compete in an event that...

About That Memo That People Are Losing Interest In Football

It is not a dying sport, yet. The football industry allegedly is facing diminishing interest from Americans because of a number of reasons....

Did The Smith-Carlos-Norman Protest In 1968 Change Things?

In 1968, Americans did not get immediate punditry. There wasn’t much talk radio, there was no cable TV national programming but there were newspapers however newspapers were not on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week news cycle.

Scant Evidence That Football’s Popularity Is Declining

A President constantly carping about players kneeling during the national anthem presentation which combined with people’s disgust with players kneeling during the national anthem is leading to people turning away from the National Football League.

Formula One Officials And Miami Elected Officials Want An F1 Miami...

The city of Miami wants Formula 1 auto racing beginning in 2019. The executives who run Formula 1 racing want Miami and promise that the race will bring in $700 million for Miami in economic impact.