Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Florida News: Baylor

Baylor beats Oregon 72-67

Baylor Advances to Women’s Championship Game

Baylor Holds Off Oregon 72-67 Just four year’s since they last hosted the Women’s Final Four, all eyes are once again on Tampa Bay. Amalie...

The NCAA: Nothing To See At Michigan State

You have to applaud the National Collegiate Athletic Association for continuing to put sports and sports revenues over integrity on a constant basis.

College Conference Commissioners’ Integrity Woes

College football remains enormously popular and that might grow as more states get into the legalized gambling game. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are up and going, West Virginia will start soon followed by Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

College Sports Coaches Should Have To Answer To Someone

This is the time of year that the followers of college football are anxiously reading about or listening to talk radio or watching TV hoping to find out about their favorite team or which players are Heisman hopefuls or which school is unstoppable.

FBI Probe Of NCAA Probably Would Not Happen If Players Were...

If the college sports industry paid student-athletes, there probably would not be an ongoing FBI investigation of the business. The NCAA somehow has sold the notion that it is fine for them to make billions of dollars off of the backs of unpaid labor as long as they give a scholarship to the performers.

The NCAA’s Michigan State Problem Is Growing

  What is Mark Emmert's actual job?   The President of the NCAA Dr. Mark Emmert is a tough talking leader who seems to fold on every...

Xavien Howard has to trust himself and ‘take chances’

DAVIE – Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard works hard at his craft. He obsessed over his footwork throughout the summer in an effort to get...
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