Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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The NFL Is Heading Down The Home Stretch To Super Bowl...

The league is in excellent financial health.   The National Football League on the field season is winding down. The Super Bowl is just weeks away....

Why The NFL Players’ Protest Might Be Good For Business

The NFL players kneeling during the national anthem crisis continues apace.  That might be a good thing.

Storm Clouds Building Over Football Fields

Football's problems are not going away.   The Thanksgiving weekend football celebration began with the annual Thursday Detroit Lions afternoon game, followed by the Dallas Cowboys...

More Bad News For Football About Brain Injuries

A study on brain injuries in youth football should sound alarms.   It is Friday and that means it is Friday Night Lights and youth football...
Tom Brady's

Countdown To The Kickoff Of The NFL Season

The season gets underway.   The National Football League regular season is finally here with Kansas City and New England facing off. The NFL logo, the...

Ed Cunningham’s Departure Means Nothing To College Football’s Bosses

ESPN has lost a football analyst due to the brutality of the game.   Ed Cunningham should be applauded for his Howard Cosell moment. Cunningham went...

Brain Injuries Are The Bane Of Football

Brain injuries   In case you have not noticed, the football season has started. The Canadian Football League pre-season is underway with games this week. Some...