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Calgary: Is It A Global Sports Event City?

Show everyone the money. Americans don’t know much about the Commonwealth Games, after all America doesn’t send a team to compete in an event that...
Tampa Bay Rays,

Sports Owners Want Pesos As Part Of The Revenue Stream

Money, that's what they want. Major League Baseball is finally getting around to presenting regular season games in Mexico City in 2020. The Arizona Diamondbacks...

Anthony LeBlanc After His NHL Phoenix Failure Wants A CFL Team

Another league, another shot at ownership. Anthony LeBlanc is back and looking to own a sports franchise. LeBlanc’s last try at being a...

The Canadian Airlift Gets Mark Davis’s Raiders For A Day

It's about loonies. The National Football League’s global push for fans and people to buy hats and t-shirts brings the league to Winnipeg, Manitoba...

It Is Chapter 8 Of A Seven Chapter Book About The...

Looking for money. In the don’t call us, we’ll call you department, Legendary Field Exhibitions, the parent company of the Alliance of American...

The AAF: Skipping The First Six Chapters Of The Book. Start...

It ain't over til it's over. It is all over for the Alliance of American Football with the scoreboard reading Chapter 7. For...

The AAF’s Legacy May Take Years To Unravel

0 It appears that the Alliance of American Football no longer is producing a product, football games, but is allowing some its idled employees to...

The Canadian Football League Is Still Around

It is somewhat astonishing that the Canadian Football League is still in existence and has outlasted three American Football Leagues, the All American Football Conference and a whole bunch of other leagues including the United States Football League and the XFL.

NFL Is Not The Only Pro Football League Looking At Mexico

The National Football League won't be staging its annual game in Mexico City because of poor field conditions at the stadium. If the NFL does return to Mexico City in 2019, the NFL may not be the only football league that will showcase its product in Mexico.
Tampa Bay Rays,Ybor City

It Is Getting Harder To Find Public Money For Sports Venues

It is getting more difficult for owners, sports leagues and sports organizations to get public money to build stadiums or arenas or Olympics venues. The International Olympic Committee keeps getting the door slammed in its face when begging for billions to fund the IOC’s every other year sports spectacles.