Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Florida News: Chicago Bulls

Bulls draft Florida State forward Patrick Williams at No. 4

CHICAGO (AP) — Arturas Karnisovas understood how important it was to set the tone by getting his first draft pick for the...

‘The Last Dance’ look at Jordan’s last title starts April 19...

NEW YORK - AP- The long-awaited look at Michael Jordan’s last championship season with the Chicago Bulls is finally set for release.

LeBron James Won’t Shut Up And Dribble

LeBron James is transitioning from being a basketball player into a political activist. LeBron is probably in his last few seasons but he won’t be leaving the stage with the announcement that he will support a school in Akron, Ohio and produce TV shows.

Sports Champions White House Visit And Politics

Celebrating sports championships at the White House is generally a jovial time with some jokes and pats on the back in the how great you are vein.  It is an old tradition which started with President Andrew Johnson in 1865 who welcomed baseball’s Brooklyn Atlantics and the Washington Nationals to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Trump Mixes Sports And Politics

Trump alienates NFL Commissioner and NBA players. There is a large segment of the American population that does not want to mix politics with sports....

NBA Playoffs: Bulls Bullying Boston

Bulls Stun Boston in 1st Round Series For anyone watching the NBA Playoffs, one of the biggest surprises so far has been the first-round matchup...