Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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The NBA’s COVID-19 Vaccine Problem With A Handful Of Players

Some players are refusing to take shots. Just in case you have not noticed, captains of American industry are not too thrilled with their workers...

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming To The Olympics

The IOC wants vaccinated competitors and staff. Pfizer, a developer of one of the available COVID-19 vaccines to combat the virus and the International Olympic...

Some Olympic Athletes Have Jumped The COVID-19 Vaccine Line

Olympic Teams are getting vaccinated. You probably won’t be seeing this story across the Comcast news platforms including NBC News, after all Comcast pours an awful...
Tampa Bay Rays,

Dombrowski Taking The Phillies Job Means No MLB Expansion Anytime Soon

MLB has at least three problems to solve. Under normal circumstances, the hiring of an out of work baseball executive to run a Major League...

A New Year But Same Health Problems As 2020 Hinder Sports

Who gets vaccines? It’s a new year but the problems of 2020 have not vanished. Sports will be impacted again in most of 2021 even...