Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Gresham, Oregon Warming Up In the MLB Expansion Race?

MLB is not expanding for a while. It had been very quiet on the Major League Baseball expansion front until last week. A second stadium...

Is Mexico Still In Line For Some American Sports Product?

COVID-19 knocked out America sports in the country for the past year. It is a COVID-19 Cinco de Mayo. It’s a party day because a...

Will Seattle Get More Than Just An NHL Team?

The NBA might be following the Kraken to town. The National Hockey League released the Kraken on April 30th when the owners of the Seattle...

The Kentucky Derby Is A Relic From A Different Age

Once upon a time, the Kentucky Derby was a big deal. There is a major horse race taking place in Louisville. It is called the Kentucky...

The NHL Has A COVID-19 Closed Border Problem

The league has not received guidance yet. As April ends and the National Hockey League playoffs stare league administrators in the face with amid-May start...

It Is Showtime For The NFL

The 2021 draft may be a test run for NFL consumer life in the post-COVID world. National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell should begin the...

Canada Is Struggling With COVID-19

Sports is being impacted. The COVID-19 news out of Canada has not been very good for the sports world and there is a question that...

Japanese PM Says Games Must Go On

COVID-19 cases are spiking in Japan. The Tokyo Olympics event is supposed to start with the opening ceremonies on July 23rd and that is less...

San Diego’s New Arena Plan May Be Derailed

A California law could spell the end of putting a new arena in the Midway District. In November 2020, San Diego voters said yes to...

Canada Is A Sports Problem Because Of COVID-19

No baseball anytime soon. A date has not been set for the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball franchise’s return to the city. The problem?...