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MLB Is Not In An Expansion Mode But Potential Owners Are...

They are trying. It is Memorial Day, in days gone by Memorial or Decoration Day was a baseball benchmark. Teams knew how the...

Montreal Project Forging Ahead Despite Obstacles

It is a slow process.   Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has his hands full with getting two baseball parks built in Oakland and in...

Why Do So Many Investors Want To Join The Money Losing...

The money people are lining up with checkbooks in hand.   Here is a question that probably cannot be answered. Do any of the teams in...

Dear MLB, Happy Valentne’s Day, Love Your MLB Want To Be...

Cities are looking a team.   It’s Valentine’s Day and a good time to see which cities are sending candy, cards and flowers to Major League...

It’s Party Time For The National Hockey League

The corporate bazaar.   The National Hockey League is throwing a midseason party. It is called the All Star Game but it little more than a...

MLS Plan To Expand By Four Teams Stalls

Remember when Major League Soccer wanted to expand by four teams and was in what appeared to be a major rush to find four cities and four owners who had what it took to join the club?

NBA Is Not Going To Kansas City In The Near Future

When did Kansas City become a viable option for National Basketball Association owners as a possible expansion location? An unnamed league executive told NBA scout and college basketball TV commentator, Jarrett Sutton, that Kansas City will get an NBA team.

Columbus Crew’s Owners Can’t Move To Austin Yet

Major League Soccer, which has had a terrible time finding expansion cities with a potential owner and a state of the art MLS stadium, is now watching a court preceding that could hasten or impede the Columbus Crew’s ownership effort to relocate the team to Austin, Texas.

Cincinnati Is Still Trying To Land An MLS Expansion Franchise

Major League Soccer has been trying to expand the number of teams in the circuit for more than a year now and it seems the league is stuck with less than ideal options for growth. The premise was to find four cities that had the right stuff to host as few as 17 games a year in a new facility.
David Beckham

Major League Soccer’s Awkward Expansion Process Stalls

expansion has been slow for David Beckham and the MLS.   In a perfect world, David Beckham’s Miami Major League Soccer franchise would be playing in...