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Football Friday! – Tampa Bay Sports This Morning –

Tyler Bradley and Timothy Mallard bring you Tampa Bay Sports This Morning. Keeping you covered on all of the football happening in the State of Florida. John Reid of the Florida Times-Union joins to discuss the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chris Perkins with the Athletic joins to preview the Miami Dolphins. And Roy Cummings of joins to cover the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Football Friday – Tampa Bay Sports This Morning

Tyler Bradley and Timothy Mallard bring you Tampa Bay Sports This Morning! Talking the College Football awards, and Army Navy. Also heavy Buccaneers talk, who has the advantage the Saints or the Bucs? Are there similarities to Jameis Winston and Dre Brees?

Don’t Call ‘Em The Bandits, But Tampa Bay Will Get An...

Tampa Bay’s football scene promises to grow even larger in coming years, as the soon-to-be-rebooted XFL will have a team in Tampa Bay when the new league launches in 2020.

Football And Thanksgiving: An American Tradition

Thanksgiving and football go hand and hand with many high school rivals ending their seasons by playing each other and there are some college games.  The NFL has been playing on Thanksgiving since 1920 with teams such as the Akron Pros hosting games.

Another Concussion Related Lawsuit Filed Against The NHL

Bryan Berard is the latest former National Hockey League player to sue the league because of long term impact injuries he suffered, including the loss of an eye, during his career.

The NFL Is Back On The Playing Field

The National Football League’s actual product, a game, will be on display in Canton, Ohio with Chicago and Baltimore on the field using many players who more than likely will end up in the Alliance of American Football in 2019.

Scant Evidence That Football’s Popularity Is Declining

A President constantly carping about players kneeling during the national anthem presentation which combined with people’s disgust with players kneeling during the national anthem is leading to people turning away from the National Football League.

NCAA Grappling With Student-Athlete Transfer Rules

Have you seen that the National Collegiate Athletic Association is considering allowing athletes to transfer from one school to another without having to sit out a calendar year?

NCAA Should Quit The Student-Athlete Fable

Shamateurism at its finest.   As March Madness continues, the NCAA has a big problem because of its insistence that college athletes should not be paid....

Is There An Alternative To March Madness?

Could a new league start for teenagers to make money playing basketball?   The celebration of men’s college basketball starts with the First Four in Dayton,...