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The Super Bowl Seems To Be A Loss Leader For A...

The NFL won't lose money.   Two years ago, Channel 13 news in Houston raised a question about the 2017 Super Bowl in the city. How...

FBI Probe Of College Basketball Not A Problem For Cities That...

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, whose very integrity can constantly be questioned, through its basketball business put up its annual crown jewel basketball tournament, the Men’s Final Four, for bid in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Is The Super Bowl Worth The Cost In Glendale?

The Super Bowl is going back to Glendale, Arizona. Is it good for Glendale? Four years ago, Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers said Glendale would lose money on the event. Weiers told an interviewer from ESPN The Magazine that I totally believe we will lose money on this, which was the 2015 Super Bowl in his city.
Tampa Bay Rays,

Diamondbacks Can Break Phoenix Baseball Stadium Lease Soon

The saga of the Diamondbacks ownership and Maricopa County officials fighting over the Diamondbacks took a new turn last week when the two sides reached a tentative agreement that allows the baseball team to exit the stadium after the 2022 season.

Will The NFL Change How It Selects The Super Bowl Host?

The Super Bowl is America’s sports crown jewel event. It is a big deal in many senses from the pageantry of the game to parties in the host city to being the most watched TV show on the American calendar every year.

Atlanta Braves Last Disney Homestand Begins

Spring training and money.   The Atlanta Braves baseball team’s farewell to the Walt Disney World baseball stadium has been delayed for a year. The Atlanta...

It’s Party Time For The NHL In Tampa

The Icemen cometh   The National Hockey League is shutting down for three days for the All-Star Weekend corporate party, fanfest and various player competitions and...

Phoenix Elected Officials Taking A Hardline

The NHL failed in Phoenix because of a flawed arena. What is going on in Phoenix? It appears Robert Sarver is at an impasse with...

More Public Money For The Phoenix Arena Facelift Coming?

Phoenix may sell a hotel to pay for an arena update. In the colliding world of sports and politics and public spending on arenas, it...

Spending Big To Be Big League In Phoenix

The owners want more public dollars. In the enough is never enough department, Phoenix area residents may be asked to dig down deeper to pay...