Monday, August 15, 2022

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The Texas Rangers Greg Abbott’s Gift To Researchers

A COVID-19 test. If Greg Abbott does nothing else, he should be saluted by scientists, the medical profession and infectious disease researchers for the case...

NCAA Will Take The Money And Play In Wide-Open Texas

COVID-19 doesn't seem to be a problem in Texas. If the people who run the college sports industry really wanted to make a statement about...

Texas Legislature Considering Legalized Sports Betting 

Jerry Jones wants sports gambling legalized. Texas lawmakers are once again taking up the issue of whether Texas should have legalized sports gambling and there...

MLB And The COVID-19 Pandemic

A difficult environment. In two days, the boys of summer are supposed to begin the training process to start the 2020 Major League Baseball season....

Does The US-Canadian Sealed Border Rule Apply To The NHL?

A two minute penalty or a major? Is hockey an essential business during a pandemic? The National Hockey League probably got a setback earlier this...