Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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The IOC Is A Political Player

IOC Vice President is incorrect, saying the IOC isn't political. The International Olympic Committee is a group that thinks it is a big time player...

What Will Be The Tokyo Olympics Legacy?

It will be bad. The Tokyo Olympics history is yet to be written but the International Olympic Committee is always looking for the Olympics legacy...

IOC President And VP Totally Wrong About Japan And COVID-19

The Games Must Go On! In May, the President and Vice President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach and John Coates were not too...

The Tokyo Games Must Go On

Don't worry, what pandemic, it's really nothing. It must be good to know if you live in Japan that Thomas Bach and John Coates are...

It Has Not Been A Good Week For The IOC

Tokyo is still in a lockdown. It has not been a good week for the International Olympic Committee and for the organizers of this summer’s...

IOC Delegate Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Not Needed To Stage Tokyo Olympics

Money trumps science? It should not be much of a surprise that some people who help put on a sports industry event are looking at...