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Keep An Eye On The MLB-MiLB Player Development Contract Negotiations

1994 Redux? It is no secret that the Major League Baseball Players Association collective bargaining agreement with Major League Baseball owners ends on...

The Owners And Players Are On A Different Money Page In...

Money matters. There are three seasons to go before the collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association...

The Old Sports Taboos Are Falling

Some sports taboos have fallen quickly in 2018. Sports owners, who allegedly detested legalized sports betting, are getting money from a newly found revenue source, legalized sports betting.

Sports Labor And Agreements As Of Labor Day 2018

It is Labor Day in the United States and in Canada so it is a good time to examine the state of labor in Major League sports in both countries, specifically, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer.

Over There, Over There: The Yanks Are Coming

You have to wonder if Boston Red Sox customers really want to lose two home chances to see the New York Yankees in 2019. One of baseball’s oldest and most combative rivalries is going across the pond with the Yankees and Red Sox playing two games in London, England during the 2019 season.
MLB and MLBPA Reach Accord

Major League Baseball Still Wants To Play Games In Puerto Rico

Is baseball sending aid to Puerto Rico?   It appears that Major League Baseball is going ahead with a two game series featuring Minnesota and Cleveland on...

It’s Miller Time For The Baseball Hall Of Fame

  Marvin Miller deserves official recognition.   There are so many Baseball Hall of Fame Elections that sometimes it is hard to keep track of them. There...

Chief Wahoo And The Screamin’ Savage Are Gone From Topps Cards

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred would like to retire Chief Wahoo.   TOPPS trading cards, which has been a partner of Major League Baseball and...