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The Absolute Madness Starts But There Is No Cloud Over The...

Grey skies are going to clear up.   The madness starts as the first game of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s Basketball Tournament is on...

NCAA Boss Worried Legalized Sports Gambling Will Sully A Business That...

The NCAA has not looked credible lately.   The very last thing that politicians in the states that are figuring out whether to approve legalized sports...

Nassar Conviction, College Basketball Corruption Tops 2018 News

How did this happen?   It’s time to say goodbye to 2018. But before anyone goes, it probably is worth looking at the top politics of...

USA Gymnastics Needs A Strong Leader Not A Politician

USA Gymnastics has a credibility problem. The group never bothered to address the allegations that a team doctor, Larry Nassar, was sexually abusing some of the group’s athletes.

The NCAA: Nothing To See At Michigan State

You have to applaud the National Collegiate Athletic Association for continuing to put sports and sports revenues over integrity on a constant basis.

Michigan Residents Will Put Up Money To Pay Dr. Nassar’s Victims

Michigan residents are going to pay big money after Michigan State University settled with 332 victims of Dr. Larry Nasser who was a professor at the school and sexually abused hundreds of young girls and women.

The NCAA’s Michigan State Problem Is Growing

  What is Mark Emmert's actual job?   The President of the NCAA Dr. Mark Emmert is a tough talking leader who seems to fold on every...
Clint Dempsey

A Grand Jury Is Asking Some Questions Of Sports Organizations

Is sports on the up and up?     As the Winter Olympics competition continues, there are some huge questions that a grand jury in Brooklyn, New...