Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Let’s Get That 2026 Winter Olympics Party Started Just last week, it appeared that the International Olympic Committee would have to beg politicians in...

Montreal Project Forging Ahead Despite Obstacles

It is a slow process.   Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has his hands full with getting two baseball parks built in Oakland and in...

NHL Owners And Players Plotting Labor Strategy

National Hockey League owners and the National Hockey League Players Association are figuring out what strategy to employ as a deadline for either a lockout of a strike in either 2019 or 2020 draws near. 

Camden Built It, They Did Not Come, Now The Ballpark Will...

If you build it, he will come, could have been applied to all of those in the 1990s who believed if you built a sports facility, fans will come and businesses will come to capture fans’ money and you would have an economic generator.

The Old Sports Taboos Are Falling

Some sports taboos have fallen quickly in 2018. Sports owners, who allegedly detested legalized sports betting, are getting money from a newly found revenue source, legalized sports betting.

Bach Blames Media For Olympics Failing To Find Host Cities

It seems the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach is comfortable going after the news media and blaming the fourth estate for the problems that the IOC is encountering finding host cities that will gladly invest billions of dollars, euros and yen, into a two week sports pageantry that is at best a loss leader.

Those Football Players Look Good In Tee Shirts And Shorts

Getting a good look.   If you go to the NFL’s website you can read about an event created for football starved fans who have not...

Players In Three Sports Are Angry With The Owners

Will there be a revolt in the NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball by the players?   In the event you have not noticed, there are...

The NBA Has Its Price To Support Gambling

The NBA Has Its Price To Support Gambling.   The National Basketball Association and some states are getting ready for the Supreme Court of the United...

NFL Glad Tampa Showed Them The Money

About $100 million worth of improvements to the Buccaneers stadium was enough of an incentive for NFL owners to bring a Super Bowl to...
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