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San Francisco Bay Area Sports Territorial Rights Make No Sense

Strange rules indeed. One of the most eyebrow raising parts of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis’s road to finding a 2019...
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Jackie At 100, MLB Wants Him Today But Not In 1957

MLB's celebration of someone they didn't really want around.   Major League Baseball is celebrating Jackie Robinson at 100 reliving Robinson’s life with events at the...

If You Can’t Compete With Home TV Build A Big One...

No long rest room lines at home.   Have you heard the news? San Francisco Giants team officials have decided to install a new scoreboard in...

State Lawmakers Across The Country Are Tackling Sports Issues

Odds are good something will happen.   State lawmakers around the country are back to work and for a number of them, sports gambling is a...

A’s Want To Stay In Oakland

Oakland's last shot at remaining a big league city.   You have to go back to 1957 to find a city that lost two major league...

Sixty Years Ago Today, The National Football League Became Very, Very...

The Greatest Game Ever?   December 28, 1958 was the day that the modern NFL started. The Baltimore Colts beat the New York Giants in overtime...

Bucs Turn Back To Winston In Loss To Giants

After a mediocre performance in a 16-3 loss to the Washington Redskins, people wondered what it might take from Ryan Fitzpatrick for the Buccaneers to turn back to Jameis Winston. On Sunday, that answer came. Three interceptions later, the Bucs turned back to the player who started the year #1 on the team’s depth chart.
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Injury-Riddled Bucs Defense Head to Meadowlands

On today's show, Rock talks the Bucs matchup vs Giants this weekend. He also gives a recap of the Lightning win over the Penguins. Plus, Rock talks college football, Bucs injury report, and much more!
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NFL Owners Have A Business Worth Tens Of Billions Of Dollars

It is weekend four of the National Football League season and it appears that National Football League owners do not have financial difficulties despite an erosion in television ratings, a drop in attendance although that can be pinned on the move of the Spanos family Chargers franchise from San Diego to Los Angeles and the constant talk of national anthem protests.

Jaguars’ Defense Propels Victory at Metlife Stadium

Jacksonville Stifles The Giants' New Look Offense in Week One of the NFL Season East Rutherford, NJ -- Jacksonville's 20-15 victory over the New York...