Friday, September 24, 2021

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What Is Andrew Cuomo’s Next Sports Move?

He is like Robert Moses, a big project guy. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a major regional sports power broker. Cuomo pushed to get...

Ohio State President Doesn’t Want Professionalism In College Sports

Shamaturism. Politicians from California, New York and South Carolina have said enough is enough. It is time for college sports programs to start allowing student-athletes...

Brooklyn State Senator Wants Student-Athletes To Get Paid

The dam is bursting. Kevin Parker is probably not a very popular name around the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s office. Parker, a New York...

LinkedIn Thinks Vince McMahon’s XFL Is Hot

One social media website thinks the XFL will succeed. LinkedIn, a social media website with no experience in evaluating the chances of a football...

It Is Emanuel Cellar Day

Cellar should be a Hall of Famer. It is Emanuel Cellar Day around the offices of United States sports franchises. Cellar, who was a...

Will The Senate Get A Sports Betting Bill Passed?

If at first you don't succeed. In the here we go again department, the United States Senate may take up sports gambling legislation. It seems...

Investors Want To Build An Arena In Suburban Suffolk County, NY

A cutback. About 17 months, word surfaced from Suffolk County, New York that a Chicago-based group was willing to invest in an arena-village...

A Plan To Bring Standardbred Racing To The Berkshires

It may be about sports gambling. Thoroughbred racing is dead in New England as the last remaining thoroughbred racetrack in the six-state area,...
Tampa Bay Rays

The Business Of The Boston Red Sox Is Doing Just Fine

More than baseball. It may be a down year for the Boston Red Sox business on the field, but the business side of...

Buffalo Bills New Stadium Talks With New York State On Hold

They are staking out positions. Carl Heastie says it is too early to talk about building a new Buffalo Bills stadium. Who is...