Monday, September 25, 2023

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Queensland Politicians Think They Can Counter Anti-Sports Spending Trend

Australia has hosted baseball games, football games and will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games.   Go around the globe and you will see that voters are...

Alaska Losing Sports Events And Teams

Oil price slump hurting Alaskan sports.   At one time, when oil prices were high, Alaska was going after sporting events. The Winter Olympics was the...

Calgary 2026 Olympics Hopes Crushed By 2026 Soccer World Cup Bid?

  Calgary 2026 Olympics backers could see the bid end as early as August 12. The financial details about the cost of holding the 2026 Winter...

Toronto Appears To Say No To The Commonwealth Games

Usian Bolt won't be in the 2022 Games but was a Commonwealth Games regular.   The Commonwealth Games Federation apparently has lost another bidder in the...