Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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States Without Legalized Sports Gambling Are Debating Whether To Allow Sports...

The roll of the dice. It is back to work for state legislators who are trying to solve problems around the county in their areas. While...

Will Sports Betting Increase The College Football Championship Game Viewership?

Football TV ratings have improved. Is it because of betting? The National Collegiate Athletic Association, which for years fought against the establishment of sportsbooks beyond...

Will The Senate Get A Sports Betting Bill Passed?

If at first you don't succeed. In the here we go again department, the United States Senate may take up sports gambling legislation. It seems...

NBA Wants A Federal Not State By State Sports Gambling Policy

The National Basketball Association’s regular season is near and it appears the 30 owners are reasonably happy with the economics of the league and even if they are not, there is little they can do because the collective bargaining agreement with the players has at least another five years before they or the players can pull the plug on the pact.