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NFL, NBA, New Orleans And Another Hurricane Assessment

In 2005, New Orleans looked like it was done as a Major League city. On August 30th, 2005, New Orleans' future as a home for...

The Last Time An NFL Owner Had to Leave

Daniel Snyder may follow Richardson's lead. Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder probably recalls the last time an NFL owner was forced to leave the...

Manfred Makes His Bosses Money So He Stays On The Job

Keeping the customers rather the owners satisfied.   The Big Four North American sports circuit’s owners, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey...
NFL playoffs

Richardson’s Departure From The NFL Doesn’t Help The Shield

Cam Newton saw a different side to Jerry Richardson.   Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson fell on his sword and in doing so, probably spared National...

Pat And John Are Gone, NFL2017 Includes Real Life

The shield is dented. It must not be all that easy for some to be a fan of the National Football League anymore. It used...