Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Portland Investors Want A Major League Baseball Team

Major League Baseball is not adding two teams to the existing business anytime soon. There is no indication that three stadium challenged franchises, Arizona, Oakland and Tampa Bay, will be leaving their local markets anytime soon either.

MLB May Expand At Some Point

Expansion is on the table.   Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is still pushing the idea that the industry should add two teams to the...

Baseball Is Watching The Mayor Race In Montreal

Montreal's Major League Baseball future could be decided on Sunday.   Sunday is Election Day in Montreal as voters held to the polls to pick a mayor...

Columbus Owner Playing Hardball Looking For A New Soccer Stadium

Columbus v. Austin for the win! Major League Soccer has hit the big time. The MLS has one franchise owner, the Columbus Crew’s Anthony Precourt...

NBA Opens Tonight Loaded With Money Or Maybe Not

Back to the grind for LeBron James and every other player in the NBA. The National Basketball Association season opens and the league is attempting...

Leagues Prepare For Life With State Sponsored Sports Books

Roger Goodell and the NFL still seem to be fighting the opening of sports books in the United States.       The two sides of the professional...

Building A New Arena Is Like A Vampire Movie?

Arizona Coyotes ownership wants a new Phoenix arena arena.   You have to give Steve Patterson high marks for one thing. Being honest in describing how...