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2022 Beijing Olympics Might Not Be The Right NHL Platform

Is the price right? National Hockey League owners and players seem to have different thoughts about participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The players want...

Australian Rules Football Has Beaten The NFL To China

The NFL is still a regional sport. For more than a decade, the National Football League has been trying to stage a pre-season game in China....

NFL’s Globalization Of Its Business Is Not Moving Quickly

London and Mexico City are old stops.   The National Football League has big plans to get its product, games, into China’s marketplace. But the league...

Indonesia To Bid For 2032 Summer Olympics

Just a few days after International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach declared that the press is the enemy of the IOC and is the cause of cities pulling out of the bidding for the IOC’s crown jewel events, Indonesia’s President announced that his country wants the 2032 Summer Games.

Rene Fasel Thinks He Can Get NHL Players At The Beijing...

For Gary Bettman, Yuans may be the answer.   The 2018 South Korea Winter Olympics is less than a month away and the hockey competition will go...

Chasing Yuans, Pounds And Pesos

The NBA is playing games and looking for yuans in China The National Basketball Association finishes the NBA Global Games China 2017 this weekend with...

The NHL Explores China

The NHL in China.     The National Hockey League’s first adventure in China begins with a pair of pre-season games in Shanghai and Beijing featuring the...

Bettman To IOC: No NHL Players In South Korea

NHL Players won't appear in South Korea 2018 Winter Games         And so, it seems that National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, and the 31 team...