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2023 Women’s World Cup Soccer Bids Due    

There is money to be made. The governing body of soccer, FIFA, sees a cash cow down the road. The 2023 Women’s World Cup event....

South Korea And Russia’s Japan Grievances And The 2020 Olympics 

It is always something. There are those who really think that the Summer or Winter Olympics are all about events and athletes. But the Olympics...

Russia Is Upset With Japan’s Plans For The Olympics Torch Relay

Politics prevail. Russia thinks Japan is politicizing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics have been politicized since the Greeks founded the Games around...
Yankees Defeat Rays

Yankees-Red Sox Go Across The Pond To Play “Base Ball”

The Yanks are comin'! Major League Baseball is sending the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to London, England in an attempt to...

Bach, Like NFL Owners, Doesn’t Like Losers In The End

Losers are not wanted. You have to hand it to the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach for the talk of...

Indonesia Jumps Into The 2032 Summer Olympics Bidding Race

IOC needs new applicants.   Indonesia is the first country that has thrown its hat in the ring and is bidding for the 2032 Summer Olympics....

MLB-Cuban Player Deal May Be Hung Up By Politics

A better path to the major leagues, maybe.   A limited number of Cuban baseball players got an early Christmas gift from Major League Baseball and...

The Chase For The 2032 Summer Olympics Has Begun

And they are off.   North Korea wants it, South Korea wants it. Indonesia wants it. They all want to host the 2032 Summer Olympics. For...

South Korea Wants North Korea To Be Part Of A 2032...

Sports diplomacy?   The International Olympic Committee may have a new entry into what is getting to be a crowded field of areas vying for the...

Indonesia To Bid For 2032 Summer Olympics

Just a few days after International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach declared that the press is the enemy of the IOC and is the cause of cities pulling out of the bidding for the IOC’s crown jewel events, Indonesia’s President announced that his country wants the 2032 Summer Games.